Disability Services

Disability Services

Our secondary location, The Clubhouse, provides key social opportunity for clients who have aged out of our early childhood setting.


The Learning Garden provides expert intervention services for children in our preschool program, the child’s home, and in the community.

We are certified by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare as a Developmental Disability Agency. Disability services offered include:

  • Habilitative Intervention
  • Family Training
  • Family Education
  • Community Based Supports
  • Therapeutic Consultation
  • Respite

We provide direct therapy services and/or family training support for individuals ages 18 months to 17 years old. Our program specifically works with a Medicaid program called Katie Beckett.

Katie Beckett is a Medicaid program for children living at home with long-term disabilities or complex medical needs, who may be eligible for Medicaid services even if their family income is above Medicaid federal poverty guidelines.

For more information on the Katie Beckett program, including eligibility requirements and application information, visit the Katie Beckett Program information page from the Department of Health and Welfare. If you have any questions on how to approach this process, please contact us at 208-777-2629 for further guidance.


Our program goals include extinguishing challenging behaviors, teaching new skills, training parents and caregivers and maximizing independence across all areas of daily life. Following the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, we develop a treatment approach for our clients, that focuses on minimizing challenging behaviors and maximizing skill acquisition.   Once new behaviors are mastered, we focus on generalization of these skills across home and community settings.  If necessary, we also provide school shadowing services so children have the support they need in the classroom.

Each client receiving disability services at the Learning Garden is provided with a highly individualized intervention program that is specialized for them and tailored to their unique learning needs and style. Our clinicians dedicate their time in creating meaningful and effective programs using evidenced based practices that maximize skill development progress. We strongly believe that close and expert monitoring and family involvement is the key to many of our children’s amazing successes.

Our intensive treatment is a specialized approach to intervention services. It is a very active teaching and learning process that is driven by outcomes. The focus includes communication, cognitive, play, social, self-help and other functional skills. Our intervention services work because it is applied- the teaching happens in the child’s natural environment, where they will be practicing and using their new skills. The number of direct intervention hours provided to a child are based on their individual plan of service developed through the Children’s Developmental Disability program managed by Idaho’s Department of Health and Welfare.


Parent involvement and ability to implement intervention strategies are essential for obtaining the best long-term outcome for a child and are an integral part of our service model. Family training sessions are aimed at improving the skills of parents and are individualized to each parent and child that may include areas such as: toileting, eating problems, sleeping issues and developing skill areas such as safety and speech and play skills. Our evidence based services meet the various needs of each member, and the family as a whole. Wrap-around support is given to each family we serve, to ensure that everyone’s needs are met, and the entire family unit is strengthened while the child is improving their behavior.