Intervention Therapy Services

Learning Garden works with families to prioritize intervention goals that are meaningful to your child and family. Intervention services are provided by highly qualified interventionists in a variety of settings including home, community and center-based using research-based behavior analytic approaches to teach new skills and behaviors with an end goal towards age-appropriate independence and participation in home and community activities. Our interventionists use a combination of structured learning opportunities to help prepare learners for independence by capturing naturally occurring learning opportunities in everyday life, every moment can be turned into a meaningful chance for your child to learn something new. The Learning Garden team works closely to provide the very best behavior analytic treatment to our clients while also fostering a sense of wonder, exploration, joy and fun of childhood.

We work closely with other community professionals that provide services to your child including but not limited to speech, occupational and physical therapists, school special education teams, mental health professionals and physicians. This allows a sharing of information and strategies to increase your child’s skill development.

ABA Services

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) services are most effective when delivered consistently and across multiple learning environments. This helps your child learn new skills and how to use them in different settings with different people. We provide individualized ABA programs to address your child’s specific needs. Parents are an integral part of our treatment team. You are your child’s first and best teacher and are invaluable to your child’s learning process and our ability to provide optimal services.

Our comprehensive assessment process will identify your child’s individual strengths and areas of concern. Developmental goals will target developmental order of typical development and include but not limited to learning to learn, language and communication, motor development, play and leisure development, self-care and daily living, social development, perspective taking, executive functions and challenging behavior reduction frequency, duration and/or intensity.

Family Education

Family Education is education to family members or caregivers to help them better meet the needs of the child. The training is specific to the needs of the family and child including an orientation to developmental disabilities and generalized strategies and intervention techniques. This support service is provided to qualified clients that have been approved for this service.


This support service is provided on a staff available basis for clients that have this approved service. Respite is not intended to supplant childcare but to provide a short-term opportunity for a parent or caregiver to relax and recharge knowing that their child is safe and well cared for.

Community-Based Supports

This support service is provided for qualified clients that require support to participate in community activities or events. The supports are provided by experienced technicians who have been trained in the behavior analytic practice and the individual needs of their clients.

The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is the site for our elementary school aged therapy clients. The enviornment is set up to encourage independence, build living skills and foster community. It is centrally located near the Centennial Trail and in walking distance of several parks. The clubhouse has a classrom space in the upper level and the lower level. Each space has a library, sensory room, kitchen area, art area, space for privact and small group work areas.

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